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50 – 75%

the average amount a business can save when switching from landline services to VoIP.

of IT leaders will cease purchasing on-premise communication tools by the end of 2021.
VoIP Business Phone Systems

You’ve updated most of your office over the years, but what about your telephone system? Relying on outdated calling technology is costly and inefficient – not to mention frustrating.

Gego Cloud business VoIP phone service offers the next-generation level of telephone and collaborative solutions to help your thrive.

Forget dropped calls, garbled voice messages, or malfunctioning lines – this is the phone system of the future!
Why Managed VoIP?

Businesses need a dedicated VoIP specialist who understands their unique IT infrastructure to manage security, carry out proper integrations, and ensure you consistently deliver optimal Quality of Service (QoS) for exceptional call clarity.

With our managed VoIP services, you’ll receive hands-on support from the initial installation and beyond to ensure smooth, sustainable end-to-end connections. Gego Cloud installs industry-leading 3CX softphones that are compatible with continued customization and support for years to come.

We provision your numbers, port existing numbers, and train your staff, as well as, customize your IVR menus, greetings, and mailboxes.
Key Features

VoIP Offers Improved Call Quality

Stop apologizing to clients when your voice fades in and out amongst garbled static. We install your VoIP PBX on a dedicated virtual server with separate IP schemes. Improved call quality with a VoIP phone provider means you can focus on the content of the call - rather than the clarity.
Reduced Upfront Investment

Accommodate changes in employees, locations, and offices with a VoIP business phone system. Gego Cloud uses the best 3CX phone systems that work with virtually any VoIP service provider.
Lower Monthly Costs

Using the internet for phone calls makes VoIP plans cheaper than traditional landlines. Gego Cloud provides you with a predictable monthly rate, lower costs, and a system that’s managed by local IT experts.
Scalable & Flexible

You need to make more sales, expand into new markets, and attract new clients - all with a reliable phone system. VoIP calling plans allow new phones and employees to jump on the bandwagon quickly to boost your growth and efficiency. Our experts will get your team up and running in minutes – and provide all the necessary training so you can hit the ground running.
Greater Mobility

Internet VoIP phones are perfect for the modern business in which employees aren’t tied to a desk (or even a city). See how your business can leverage mobile VoIP service providers to improve worldwide communication.
Software as a Service NO CAPEX for Your Business!

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CLOUD IP-PBX Hosting Plans
As low as

RM 80 /month
With 12 months commitment
Normal RM100/month

Use Promo Code: W-CPBX-VAL-Y
Order Code: W-EH-VAL-05-Y

3 Channels

8 Extensions

Call Detail Records

Call Transfer & Forward

Inbound & Outbound Call Routing

Music On Hold

Ring Groups
1 Channel

As low as

RM 20 /month
Order Code: W-CPBX-KIT-AC-Y
1 Extension

As low as

RM 8 /month
Order Code: W-CPBX-KIT-AE-Y
1 Voicemail
Per Extension
As low as

RM 8 /month
Order Code: W-CPBX-KIT-VM-Y
Voicemail to Email Per
As low as

RM 8 /month
Order Code: W-CPBX-KIT-VE-Y
Recording Per
As low as

RM 8 /month
Order Code: W-CPBX-KIT-CDR-Y
1 Conference Room
As low as

RM 20 /month
Order Code: W-CPBX-KIT-CR-Y
IVR Menu Per Trunk
As low as

RM 20 /month
Order Code: W-CPBX-KIT-IVR-Y

SIP Trunk

Maxis ONEBusiness VoiceSIP Plan
ONEBusiness VoiceSIP Plan
Voice Access Channels 5 10 30 60 250 600 1000
DID 20 50 100 200 800 2000 3300
Monthly fees (RM) 12 months 75 150 450 900 3750 9000 15000
24 months
36 months
60 months 71 143 428 855 3563 8550 14250

Outgoing Call Rates   Free sharable minutes Pay as you go (Sen/Minute)
Maxis to Maxis - FREE
Maxis to non-maxis fixed local number 200 per channel 4
Maxis to non-maxis fixed outstation number & mobile 7

What is VoIP? What does VoIP stands for?
VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP works by converting the analogue voice calls into packets of data. Then these packets travel like any other kind of data, for example e-mail, over the public Internet and/or any private Internet Protocol (IP) network. By a VoIP service, you can call landline or cell phones.

Difference between VoIP Phone and Traditional Telephony?
Traditional telephony typically uses analogue voltage signaling through the copper wire to transmit sounds to a telephone. The copper wire is generally of a poorer quality (Cat-3), and maximum distance is only a few kilometers. Phones have to be in this range to be linked to the PBX. On the other hand, in VoIP phones, the analogue voltage sounds are converted to numbers and packed into “envelopes” called IP-packets. These IP packets are identical type of packet, which the Internet uses to carry web browsing and email across the whole world. The IP-packets contain the digitized voice which is carried across the company LAN (Local Area Network) or across the Internet to every distant user then they are unpacked from the IP-packets and converted back to analogue sounds so the recipient can hear the voice.

Since the Internet can carry these packets everywhere in the world, the distance limitation between phone and PBX is no longer just a few kilometers. It is completely viable for an IP-phone in Johor to be connected to its PBX in Kuala Kumpur.

What are the Advantages of VoIP?
1. VoIP is very easy to Install, Configure, and Maintain.

2. VoIP Scales Up or Down Effortlessly

3. Employees’ Numbers Follow Them Wherever They Go

4. A variety of Call Features Are Supported

5. Hosted VoIP Saves Businesses Money

6. VoIP Integrates With Other Business Systems

7. SIP Trunk (Cheaper call rate and no hardware to maintain)

8. Better Up Time SLA

How to make calls with VoIP?
There are three different methods to make VoIP calls:

1. From your PC through the provider’s online Portal.

2. From your VoIP handsets.

3. From the VoIP Mobile App.

Can I use my VoIP number when I am travelling?
Yes, VoIP gives you the facility of using your VoIP service wherever you travel on condition that you have a high-speed Internet connection, a VoIP phone adapter or a mobile app. Through any of the mentioned mediums you can call, it’s just like dialing from your home or business. There are no additional charges to worry about.

Who can I call with VoIP?
Anyone with a phone number, you can also conference call more easily and call internationally for much less when using VoIP via Telco SIP Trunk.

How do I use VoIP to receive a call?
Pick up the phone and answer the call. A greeting is usually appreciated. Kidding aside, VoIP should seamlessly replace your current phone service. If you are using a softphone, you will need to have your computer on and the softphone program open in order to receive the call. Then you should just have to click to answer.

Can my employees use mobile devices with VoIP?
VoIP can be easily setup and configured for use on most mobile devices. There are many third-party VoIP clients available for major mobile OSes and quite a few vendors offer their own dedicated client that can be used by employees.

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