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of organizations use cloud services to remain agile and competitive.

of organizations leverage a hybrid cloud solution to control resource costs while maximizing performance.

Our clustered hosting helps you spread the load of hosting across several dedicated servers. This method of load balancing helps eliminate multiple points of failure experienced with a single server hosting. By connecting several dedicated servers, we provide more cost-efficient way for you to benefit from the high performance level, scalability and reliability. With clustered hosting, you can be sure of gaining the highest uptime, ensuring no business interruption.


High Availability

We will load balance your hosting, so that workload gets spread evenly over multiple servers. This ensures no downtime and we’ll make sure your website is always up and running.
High Speed

Your sites that are hosted in our clustered hosting environment will load much faster than hosted on normal servers. The sharing of RAM power and CPU speed means your website will have all the resources it needs to work quickly and efficiently.
Reliable Performance

Our clustered hosting infrastructure is specially designed to cope with seasonal traffic spikes without compromising on the performance.
Shared Roles

In our clustered hosting environment, you can assign specific roles to each of the servers in order to distribute the workload. These roles can be assigned depending on the amount of disk space, speed and even bandwidth.
Continuous Support

Our technical support team is always prepared and ready 24x7x365 to attend to your hosting inquiries.
Clustered Hosting Solution

Database Clustered Hosting

Our Database Clustered Hosting solution provides instant data replication between two redundant servers, an active database server and a spare. We provide enterprise grade tools to monitor and automatically fail over in the event of a fault or failure. You would be able to perform routine software and hardware upgrades and security patches with minimum interruption due to the high redundancy.

Clustered Virtual Machines

In clustered VM hosting, your resources are allocated efficiently between Virtual Machines (VM). This offers improved reliability, performance and operational mobility. When you are running your VM in a high availability cluster, your VM will not be affected should any physical hardware failure happen as it is seamlessly transferred to another node in the cluster.

Load Balancing

Our load balancer infrastructure routes your clients’ requests across all servers capable of fulfilling those requests in a manner that maximizes speed and capacity utilization. If one of the single servers goes down, the load balancer diverts traffic to the remaining online servers. When a new server is added to the infrastructure, the load balancer automatically starts to send requests to it and improve site responsiveness.

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What is Gego Clustered Hosting?
Gego Clustered Hosting means server hosting on 2 or more servers therefore increasing reliability and performance.

The clustered environment is the concept of spreading a server’s workload across numerous servers. In a production environment, you can use both vertical and horizontal clustering. Vertical clustering should be used in the production environment to utilize the resources of a multi-processor system entirely.

Additionally, horizontal cloning should be used to enable upward scaling. Horizontal clones should be located in multiple locations to maximize security and protect against natural disasters or site outages.

What are the advantages of Gego Clustered Hosting?
• Better quality resources – Because the hosting account is powered by the hardware and bandwidth resources of an entire cluster of web servers, clients get powerful processing resources.

• Higher data storage space – Multiple data servers connected via each front-end server allow for more data space whenever consumers require it.

• More secure data protection – Since back-end servers are connected to front-end servers in the cluster, the data stored in the client’s databases and directories are secure from malicious access.

How long does it take before my clustered servers can run in full action?
It will take 7 ĘC 21 working days depending on the hardware availability.

How can I maintain the clustered servers?
You will be given a Remote Desktop login for Windows Server and SSH login for Linux servers.

Who should be held responsible should there be any hardware failure?
GegoCloud will take full responsibility and replace all faulty hardware (if any).

Gego Clustered Hosting



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